Double Jaw Surgery

A double jaw surgery as a kind of orthognathic surgery on both the maxilla and mandible meant to correct a number of abnormalities. Such abnormalities include jaw growth abnormalities that are natural, correction of congenitally caused conditions that include cleft palate, cancer as well as facial traumas. There are also a number of facial imbalances that are normally as a result of abnormalities. An example of such an imbalance is the case in which the maxilla under develops and needs to be pushed forward or even backwards to provide a facial balance. Such an imbalance can be taken care of though a double jaw surgery depending on the suggestions as made by a qualified surgeon.scottsdale-jaw-surgery

There are also cases in which this kind of surgery may be used to treat serious sleep apnea and snoring cases. As a matter of fact this is a treatment that has been proven to work in cases in which sleep apnea and snoring were very serious. The surgeon treats these conditions by moving both the jaws i.e. the upper and lower one forwards with the intention of creating an opening for air which goes a long way in alleviating the respective conditions. This is a kind of surgery that is rarely performed probably due to the fact that many people do not know that this kind of treatment exists at all. There are also those who do not consider the sleep apnea and snoring to be problems that warrant such a surgery.

This kind of surgery can also be used in procedures that involve moving of bones e.g. osteotomy as well as distraction osteogenesis. Techniques that involve grafting of bones involving bones that are artificial as well as those harvested from other parts of the body are also used in the double jaw surgery. These, however, are techniques that are mostly used in the most serious of cases. They also require surgeons that have had long years of hands on experience as they are considered very complicated.

The double jaw surgery requires the surgeon to administer a local or even general anesthesia before he or she begins the procedure. It is mostly performed from the inside part of the mouth as this goes a long way in ensuring that cases of scaring are avoided. However, there are times when this surgery may have to be performed from the side of the mouth externally. In most cases plates and screws are used to stabilize a double jaw surgery. This is commonly referred to as rigid fixation. In some cases however, the surgeon may need a fixation that needs to have the mouth wired shut after the surgery for up to 6 weeks. This is commonly referred to as inter-maxillary fixation. After the surgery it is important for patients to adopt a no-chew period as recommended by the surgeon. It is normal to experience facial swelling right after the surgery as this is normal. Using ice packs will help in the reducing of the swelling.


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